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The Language Show is looking for speakers, teachers and performers.

The Language Show is looking for speakers, teachers and performers to take part in over 80 seminars, language taster classes and cultural performances. We would be delighted to hear from you if you wish to nominate yourself, or a colleague. (Check out the photo gallery to see more images from the show here).


We are seeking nominations for three types of sessions;


  1. Seminars.

We are looking for seminars aimed at three targets.

  • Language teachers, working at all levels, but especially those in secondary and primary. We prefer talks offering usable, how-to type information that is credible and actionable and prefer to steer clear of theoretical, political or debating-type sessions.
  • Language learners.
  • Language professionals and linguists – ie those with language abilities looking to deploy them in their careers, use them at their leisure time or simply celebrate and enjoy them.
Seminar Programme

There are 3 seminar rooms running concurrently and seminar slots lasts 45 minutes, to include q&a. Each room seats 200 theatre-style, and in each room there will be podium, laptop, microphones, loud speakers (or in the case of silent seminars, audio transmitter for listening on RF headphones), projector and screen. Each seminar can have from 1 to up to 4 speakers sharing the platform.

  1. Language Taster Classes

We aim to offer taster classes in up to 20 languages – including the most popular languages but also the exotic – aimed at beginners in those languages. Each taster class lasts a maximum of 30 minutes. Taster class rooms seat 50. Room set-up is a microphone, loudspeakers and an easel presentation board.

Language Classes Programme
  1. Cultural performances

The Piazza is where we stage performances, demonstrations, presentations and experiences that help immerse, and offer a glimpse into, a foreign culture. These can range from music and dance to talks and discussions  The Piazza seats 100, but with additional room for standing. Sessions are 45 minutes in length, from start to finish, room set-up is podium, laptop, microphones, loud speakers, a projector and screen.

High profile

The entire programme will be promoted extensively through a comprehensive visitor marketing campaign so we hope participants will enjoy some advantages from their association with the show. However, as all sessions this year – seminars, classes and performances – are free to visitors, as is admission to the show, there is no opportunity to pay speakers and performers although basic travel expenses – London underground, bus etc – will be reimbursed.


We look forward to receiving your nomination. Please use the form below. Nominations close in the Spring but the earlier you can submit them, the better.

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