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Why more teachers will attend the Language Show in 2018.

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In earlier years, the Language Show saw visitor attendance rise close to 10,000, nearly 40% of whom were teachers. With the show under new management in 2018, what is our plan to get back to these levels?


The short answer is to put a renewed emphasis on content. These days, any event intent on attracting a busy, professional audience can’t fudge its proposition to visitors. Either they get tangible benefits by attending or they don’t come.


In the case of language teachers that means offering them insights into resources, ideas, techniques and strategies to enthuse, engage, educate and motivate their students.


This of course is not revolutionary and ALL, ISMLA and a number of other organisations run successful conferences where they do just that. Where the Language Show differs however is in its scale.


That scale allows us to hire a national venue capable of hosting thousands, run a high-profile nationwide marketing campaign and most important, provide thousands of teachers with access to some of the best minds in language teaching ENTIRELY FREE OF CHARGE, under one roof, at one time.


So in 2018, our formula to drive up teacher attendance goes like this;


  1. Invite the most inspiring and best-regarded speakers in language teaching whilst also scouting for new talent. (We are already receiving speaking nominations here).
  2. Provide a platform that offers visitors more than 17,750 seats in seminars over the show’s three days.
  3. Make all seminars entirely free of charge. First come, first served, but with seminar rooms large enough to cope.
  4. Position seminar rooms on the exhibition floor to prevent visitors from disappearing off, never to return.
  5. Work with speakers to create compelling content and synopses and promote the entire programme via a better designed, more clearly presented website.
  6. Spend more on marketing. This means, over and above a digital marketing campaign, reinstating the distribution to teachers of hundreds of thousands of attractive, well designed flyers that set out all of the show’s content in an accessible and engaging format.


I’ve been producing successful conferences and exhibitions for 25 years and again and again I’ve seen visitors respond to compelling content and editorial integrity by coming in their droves. Everyone needs to learn from best practice in their sectors, teachers more than most, and this is an area where the Language Show can, and will, greatly improve its offering in 2018.


So I urge you to take part this year as an exhibitor and before the rates increase in May. Stands start at just £738 + vat for a 2m x 1m (for all three days), you can see the floorplan and other information about exhibiting here.