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Free talks for teachers

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Amongst 110 free talks, presentations and classes at the Language Show this year are 42 seminars specifically aimed at language teachers.


Seminars offer insights into resources, ideas, techniques and strategies to enthuse, engage, educate and motivate students and are aimed at teachers in primary, secondary, HE, FE, adult and EFL/ESOL.


Speakers include many familiar names;

  • Rachel Hawkes
  • Joe Dale
  • Catherine Cheater
  • Jennifer Wozniak
  • Witold Wozniak
  • Nadine Chadier
  • Vicky Gough
  • Anna Lise Gordon
  • Wendy Adeniji
  • Paco Fernandez
  • Helen Myers

The full teacher speaker programme is published HERE.


Seminar rooms are large and seats available on a first come, first served basis. Arrive early! (Don’t forget to book your free admission tickets by clicking the button below).