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Talks for language teachers in Primary.

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Amongst over 40 free seminars for teachers at this year’s Language Show are a number that may be of particular interest to those in the Primary sector;


Friday, 10.30-11.15: Drama techniques in the MFL classroom – Lynne Brackley.

Friday, 10.30-11.15: Arsenal Double Club: Languages Through Football.

Saturday, 11.45-12.30: Ten KS2 to KS4 strategies that simply work – Witold Wozniak.

Saturday, 12.45-13.30: Teaching tricks to get children to communicate – Nadine Chadier.

Saturday, 13.30-14.15: You can’t play the ‘languages’ symphony alone, it takes a whole class to play it – Paco Fernandez.

Sunday, 10.45-11.30: Primary Languages Show and Tell – Catherine Cheater.

Sunday, 11.45-12.30: Every primary school can be a specialist In languages – Stuart Rubenstein.

Sunday, 13.45-14.30: “Oh, I know a story about that!”; using picture books in the primary languages classroom – Nathalie Paris.

Sunday, 14.30-15.15: Bringing the French-Speaking world into your classroom – Danièle Bourdais.

Sunday, 14.45-15.30: How to learn a second language through play in the primary or preschool classroom – Heidi Rivolta.


You can see a fuller description of each talk by going to the seminar page on the show’s website here.


Seminar rooms are large and seats available on a first come, first served basis. Arrive early! (Don’t forget to book your free admission tickets by clicking the link below).

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