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Call for speakers – 2020 Language Show set to go ahead.

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As organisers of the Language Show, we are continuously reviewing the situation on COVID-19. But we believe the outlook for staging the event this year is becoming increasingly favourable. So today we are lifting our “pause” on the event and putting out a call for speaker proposals. 


The Language Show revolves around the free and generous contributions of hundreds of speakers each year who share their knowledge and expertise in talks, seminars, workshops, performances and classes. 


So our aim this year is, as best we can, to deliver the fullest and widest speaker programme possible to the thousands of language teachers, language professionals and language enthusiasts who have come to rely upon, and enjoy, the programme. 


We now think it likely, as government prepares to ease restrictions on shops, travel, holidays, pubs and restaurants during the summer, that they will also soon look at relaxing restrictions on mass gatherings SO LONG AS distancing measures are in place to protect people’s health. We believe that these continuing distancing measures, the use of face masks in public, the impact of summer and, by the Autumn, improved testing, track and tracing regimes will limit any uptick in infection rates, allow the easing to continue and for public confidence to increase.


So whilst this year’s Language Show may require visitor numbers in the exhibition hall and seminar rooms to be managed more stringently, we are developing plans to mitigate against the worst of this. And whatever the status of the virus come the show – which, at time of writing, is still more than 5 months away – we will of course comply with all current regulations to ensure the safety of visitors, speakers, exhibitors and staff. 


So today we invite all those who would like to take part in the Language Show this year as a speaker, teacher or performer to send us their ideas and suggestions. We have extended the deadline for submissions until the middle of next week – admittedly tight, but we are now quite a long way behind schedule.


Entries close June 17th so do send us your nomination today! Use the form on our website here. We look forward to hearing from you.