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Speaker nominations

Would you like to be a speaker at the 2024 Language Show?

We are looking to stage over 80 talks, delivered online via Zoom between 8-10th November 2024. We need:


1. Seminars for language teachers  especially those working in secondary and primary. Talks that offer insights into resources, ideas, techniques and strategies to enthuse, engage, educate and motivate students.


2. Seminars for learners and language professionals – ways to learn and improve. Languages in careers, celebrating, utilising and enjoying language skills.


3. Cultural talks – performances, demonstrations, presentations and experiences that can be delivered on Zoom that help immerse, and offer a glimpse into, foreign cultures. From music and dance to talks and discussions.


4. Taster classes – 30 minute bite-sized introductions to languages, aimed at beginners.

Send us your ideas using the form below.


All seminars, presentations and performances to be delivered as Zoom webinars and to last a maximum of 45 minutes. All classes to be delivered as Zoom meetings (to allow for participation) and to last a maximum of 30 minutes.


As a speaker all you need is a desktop, laptop or mobile device and a reliable internet connection. We will do a practise session with you in advance and make sure you are set up to go.


(Unfortunately we can’t pay our speakers but taking part at the Language Show is high profile and really contributes to the language learning community).