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Sponsor the 2021 virtual Language Show.

Sponsorship opportunity – the 2021 Language Show.

Following the success of the first virtual Language Show in 2020, the 2021 Show will again take place as a purely virtual event.

There is the opportunity for up to 4 organisations to sponsor the Show in 2021 at a cost of £3,000 + vat per organisation. 

Through their involvement, sponsors will receive repeated, high profile exposure amongst the language teaching, language learning and language professionals communities. 

Event format

As in 2020, the 2021 Language Show will consist of a three day speaker programme featuring approximately 75 seminars and 140 speakers which take place live over Zoom across three days; Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Nov 12-14, 2021. 

All seminars will be delivered as Zoom webinars and participants may pick and choose which talks to attend by pre-registering and paying a fee of £1 per talk. Each talk will have the capacity for up to 1,000 live viewers.

Pre-registered attendees may watch talks live via computers, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices as well as interact with speakers via chat and Q&A functions. In addition, talks will be available on-demand for a short period after the event.


The 2021 Language Show aims to build upon the success of the 2020 event.

In 2020, its first virtual staging, a total of 13,023 individuals took part in the Language Show. This compares to a physical attendance of 6,012 visitors at Olympia the previous year.

These 13,023 individuals registered for 56,172 talks, a participation rate of 4.3 talks per individual.

Most talks were watched live. A small but significant number watched on-demand during the 2 weeks after the event.

Of the 13,023 individuals…

42% described themselves as language teachers
28% as language learners
20% as language professionals
10% as bilingual/linguists.

Of the 5,430 (42% of all individuals) who described themselves as language teachers…

53% were in Secondary education
13% in Primary
15% were in EFL/ESOL
12% in Adult education
7% in Further/Higher education

Sponsors’ branding

Each sponsor’s logo will be included within the main event logo, included in all the show’s promotion, and styled as follows; 

The Language Show – brought to you virtually through the support of Sponsor 1, Sponsor 2, Sponsor 3 & Sponsor 4 (see 2020 logo attached for style).

Sponsors’ logos will appear…; 

• Throughout the Language Show website. In 2020 the website had a total 46,261 users and 128,259 page views.

• In all visitor marketing emails. In 2020, this included 5 main campaigns to a total audience of 375,000 (ie 5 x 75k).

• On the programme information, registration, booking, checkout and payment pages for registration.

• On the booking confirmation emails.

• On the webinar registration emails and 3 x reminder emails from Zoom (examples attached).

• On the Zoom attendee follow-up emails.

• In social media (names or logos) including Tweets and Facebook posts.


Interested? Get in touch at info@evolved-events.co.uk

Examples of display of sponsors’ logos:

The 2020 show logo

Zoom registration email

Zoom reminder email